Gray changes healthcare position fourth time

March 27, 2017

Gray changes healthcare position fourth time

At Sunday night’s Cobb County GOP debate between four candidates for the 6th Congressional District, Bob Gray took his fourth 180 degree turn on the healthcare bill while Karen Handel and Dan Moody refused to talk to voters at all.

Gray told the AJC last week that he would “unequivocally” support the American Health Care Act. Then just days later with no part of the bill changing, Gray said he hadn’t seen the bill and couldn’t support it. Gray maintained his position despite another candidate on the debate stage providing candidates with an actual copy of the bill.

“I don’t think we actually saw the legislation,” Gray was quoted as saying in today’s Marietta Daily Journal. “And I’m not sure we should do, as Republicans, what the Democrats did and vote on something we haven’t yet seen.”

“Councilman Gray came out of the gate promising full support for the president, pretending he’d supported Trump all along when his social media showed otherwise,” said Judson Hill for Congress campaign manager Ian Caraway. “Then he distanced himself from the healthcare bill, then said he’d vote for it ‘unequivocally,’ then said he wouldn’t vote on it until he’d seen it. Perhaps the councilman is misusing ‘unequivocally’ the way he misuses ‘outsider.’

“Judson Hill has a clear position on the bill because he has proven experience, understands healthcare policy and has worked to expand choice and lower costs in Georgia. He wants to see greater measures in the AHCA to lower costs for Americans and to help, not punish, states that stood against Obamacare by not expanding Medicaid.”