Gray refills swamp with special interest money

March 28, 2017

Gray refills swamp with special interest money

Phony President Trump supporter accepts support of group president blames for saving Obamacare

The Club for Growth, an anti-Trump Washington special interest group, has launched an ad today criticizing Karen Handel as a big spending career politician. The Club’s engagement in the 6th District comes the same week that President Trump blamed the group by name for working to save Obamacare.

“The Club for Growth ad shines a light on the fact that Karen Handel is a career politician who would lose to the liberal Democrat in a runoff,” said Ian Caraway, Judson Hill for Congress campaign manager. “But the Club’s endorsement of Councilman Bob Gray in this race also demonstrates the phoniness and hypocrisy of the Gray campaign. Gray is running as the President’s handmaiden while accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from a group that has steadfastly opposed Donald Trump as a candidate and as our president.”

In a TV interview last night, Gray distanced himself from the president’s views once again, standing up for his dark money donors by saying Speaker Paul Ryan “failed.”

“The record clearly shows that Bob Gray was never a supporter of President Trump until it became politically expedient,” Caraway said. “The Club for Growth is apparently in on the joke. But the voters aren’t going to fall for it. Bob Gray needs to come clean: Admit he’s aligned with anti-Trump forces or disavow their financial support.

“Judson Hill is the trusted, consistent conservative in this race and the only one who is beating Nancy Pelosi’s candidate, Jon Ossoff.”