Hill calls for probe of intelligence leaks

Feb. 16, 2017

Hill calls for probe of intelligence leaks

Republican congressional candidate Judson Hill today called on Congress to investigate illegal leaks from the intelligence community that have targeted members of the Trump administration.

“The flood of sensitive, classified information coming out of our intelligence agencies could inflict long-term harm to the relationship between these agencies and the civilian leaders we elect to run the federal government,” Hill said. “If the president of the United States can’t trust intelligence agents to follow the law, that poses a direct threat to our national security. I believe strongly that Congress must provide oversight and root out this illegal behavior.”

Hill said Americans should support stopping the leaks regardless of their views on the information that has come to light.

“By no means am I stating that members of this administration or any other should operate with impunity, nor do I take lightly the danger posed by Russia to the United States and its allies,” Hill said. “If inappropriate or illegal acts occurred, there’s a legal way to blow the whistle, and it’s not through selective leaks from intelligence agencies to the media.”