Judson Hill is running to continue the 6th Congressional District’s legacy of conservative leadership, offering common-sense solutions based on principles of liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility. Judson gained a reputation as a proven experienced conservative leader committed to understanding the issues and voting true to his district.

Judson is the only candidate in the race for the open Georgia 6th Congressional District with experience turning conservative ideas into conservative law. He has never made it about himself. Georgia needs Judson Hill representing our values in Congress and fighting for us. He will be the strong strong voice that the 6th District deserves, and will fight for you to advance the principles of liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility in Washington. Judson doesn’t have the learning curve needed by others. He will immediately get to work to develop common sense conservative solutions for the opportunities and serious challenges we face.



Judson has become a recognized national leader with his work creating conservative healthcare solutions that put patients first, addresses pre-existing health conditions, and expands choices and access to healthcare providers during his time in the Senate. His top priority in Congress will be immediately replacing Obamacare with a patient-centered, market-based alternative that empowers individuals to control the dollars and decisions regarding their own healthcare.


The federal government spends too much, taxes too much, and wastes too much. Our nation’s mounting debt is the single greatest threat to America’s future. That’s why Judson will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to stop Washington’s out-of-control spending.


We must reestablish our focus on funding our national defense and security, and stand up to ISIS and extremists who threaten America. Judson is committed to ensuring that the men and women in uniform have all the tools necessary to do their jobs both at home and abroad, because restoring America’s leadership position in the world is an absolute priority.


Judson has always been a fierce advocate for the rights of Georgia gun owners. For his record in the state legislature, he’s consistently earned an “A+” rating from the National Rifle Association. In Washington, Judson will stand up to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.


Protecting the sanctity of life is something Judson takes very seriously. That is why he is proud of his 100% rating from National Right to Life and the endorsement of Georgia Right to Life for his record in the State Senate. We can always count on Judson to be a strong voice for the unborn.


For too long, the federal government has crippled our economy with burdensome regulations and red tape. Judson knows in order to create new jobs and grow the economy, we must eliminate job-crushing regulations and support small businesses.


Every year, Georgians send too much of their hard-earned money to Washington. In Congress, we can count on Judson to fight for Georgia taxpayers to cut taxes across the board and implement the Fair Tax.


As an officer in the Georgia State Defense Force, Judson has seen firsthand the sacrifices our veterans and their families make. Judson will honor our veterans by fighting to reform the Veterans Administration to ensure they have access to the best possible care and services our nation can provide. They deserve nothing less.


Our nation’s immigration system and borders are broken. Safeguarding our national security is dependent on securing our southern border with Mexico. In Washington, Judson will fight to secure our borders and uphold our nation’s immigration laws.

Fiscal Responsibility

The federal government spends too much, taxes too much, and wastes too much. Our nation’s mounting debt is the single greatest threat to America’s Future. As a State Senator, Judson Hill never voted for a budget that was not balanced. He will fight for a Balanced Budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to stop Washington’s out-of-control spending. Judson led Georgia’s efforts on the Fair Tax and will be a Fair Tax champion in Congress.

  • Recognized as a Tax Expert. Judson is recognized as a go-to leader for conservative fiscally responsible financial reforms from his position as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
  • Prohibit Increase In State Income Tax. Judson chaired the Georgia Fair Tax committee and sponsored the Georgia Constitutional Amendment that prohibits an increase in the state income tax. Judson will work to pass the Fair Tax to make it the law.
  •  State Tax Cuts. Judson authored and passed one of the largest state income state cuts in decades, and authored the measure to eliminate the marriage tax penalty and to cut small business taxes.
  • Cap growth in state government. Judson authored and passed a measure to constitutionally cap the growth in state government and sunset unnecessary and outdated state programs.
  • Accountable to the People. During his time in the Georgia Senate, Judson was committed to being accountable to the people of Georgia. He has ensured that the state government appropriated taxpayer funds transparently and in a fiscally conservative manner.
  •  Drug Testing For Medical Benefits. To protect taxpayer moneys, Judson sponsored legislation to require drug testing of applicants for state medical benefits. Now more funds are available for those who truly need assistance to provide healthcare for themselves and their families when we prohibit people using tax dollars to purchase illegal drugs and not get the assistance they need.
  •  Agency Funding Sunset and Zero-Based Budgeting. In the Georgia Senate, Judson sponsored a measure enacting zero-based budgeting and sunsets for all state government agencies. This legislation required legislators and state leaders to annually examine every dollar spent rather than automatically appropriating money to programs based on prior years funding levels.

National Security

An Officer in the Georgia Defense Force, Judson steadfastly supports our Armed Forces. A strong military is essential to a strong America well-positioned to lead the world. And there is no greater priority to Judson than making Georgia communities and our country safer. Judson understands the critical need to strengthen our military, and equip and train our forces to execute their mission to defend freedoms and destroy all terrorist threats, including ISIS.

  • Fund the military and national defense. Judson strongly believes the federal government must reestablish our focus on fully funding our national defense. When America’s leadership position in the world is diminished, ISIS and other terrorist organizations become emboldened and will fill that vacuum. Judson will support all efforts to identify, seek out, and destroy ISIS and other threats to our security and freedom.
  • Federal Prosecutor and Officer in State Guard. Judson’s background as an Assistant US Attorney and commissioned officer in Georgia’s State Defense Force provide him with experience and a level of understanding of the threats we face and solutions required to protect Americans.
  • Support for Israel. A strong Israel is good for international stability. Judson has put his long-standing support of Israel into action. He authored a measure to prohibit the state of Georgia from doing business with any company with a policy of boycotting products manufactured in Israel or divested from Israeli companies. Judson also passed a law prohibiting Georgia’s state pension funds from investing in companies operating in Iran and other state sponsors of terrorism.
  • Iranian nuclear threat. Judson knows that America must oppose Iran’s nuclear capacities or any agreement that acts as a catalyst for these capacities. A threat to our allies in the Middle East is a threat to America and our interests.
  • Georgia Military Installations. Georgia is home to numerous military installations, including Dobbins Air Reserve Base and the Naval Reserve Center here in North Atlanta. Judson knows the tremendous impact the military footprint of these installations have in the region. He will continue to partner with local, state, and federal allies to guarantee that impact isn’t diminished, that our military is equipped and that Dobbins is not closed.
  • Support our Veterans. Judson believes that we must transform veteran healthcare services to keep our commitment to our military. When they return home from risking their lives to protect and defend our country, we must keep our commitment to provide veterans them world class healthcare.

Jobs and the Economy

For too long, the federal government has crippled our economy with burdensome regulations that make it tough on small businesses to succeed. Judson knows in order to create new jobs and grow the economy, we must eliminate job-crushing regulations and support small businesses.

  • Fair Tax supporter. Judson is a supporter of the Fair Tax and knows America’s tax system can be simplified to reward hard work, increase incomes, encourage job creation and re-ignite the American economic engine so Americans can save and invest the money they’re earned.
  • Leader in job creation. Judson was part of the leadership team in the Georgia Senate that helped create a business environment that led to over 550,000 new Georgia jobs and Georgia being named the No. 1 state in the nation to do business. He will take that leadership and policy experience to Washington and do the same for our country.
  • Small Business Regulatory Reform Act. As a small business owner, Judson knows the obstacles they face in creating jobs and achieving long-term success. That’s why he sponsored legislation to require a cost benefit analysis for any new agency rule so if a new regulation is deemed necessary, then two existing regulations must be removed.
  • FAST Act. Judson was a proud sponsor of the FAST Act, which aims to eliminate duplicative rules, regulations and red tape in state agencies to speed up the permitting process to help Georgians and Georgia businesses get to work. If the timeline is not met by the state agency, then the fee is reduced by 10%.
  • Workforce Development. Judson knows a qualified workforce is key to keeping Georgia the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business. That’s why he has sponsored and supported legislation that helped Georgians gain the skills needed to earn jobs in growing industries.


Judson Hill has worked in the Georgia Senate to pass affordable patient-centered solutions for healthcare that increase choice and access to healthcare providers while reducing costs. Secretary Tom Price will need a partner in Congress to implement the needed healthcare reforms that save lives and save money by empowering patients, not bureaucrats, by freeing families and healthcare providers to do what they do best - provide the best healthcare in the world.

Judson’s top priority in Washington will be immediately implementing an affordable replacement for Obamacare that: expands patient access to the best healthcare, reins in costly regulations, encourages bio-medical innovations, addresses frivolous litigation, increases price competition to help lower costs by permitting buying insurance out of state, strengthens America’s safety net programs, provides affordable healthcare access for those with pre-existing conditions and cares for our veterans. With Judson Hill, Price will have an accomplished, experienced and trusted ally prepared to get to work on day one; someone who won’t need time to learn the terminology or figure out which solutions work best for Georgians.

  • Tort Reform. Judson passed tort reform to eliminate frivolous litigation that results in increased healthcare costs and fewer qualified healthcare providers. Judson Hill co-authored and successfully passed Tort Reform in Georgia in 2005.
  • Physician Direct Pay Act. When Judson introduced the Physician Direct Pay Act, he began the fight to take the insurance company out of the relationship between patients and doctors. By protecting direct primary care providers, physicians are given the flexibility to make financial agreements directly with patients for substantially lower rates making health care affordable and giving them people access to healthcare providers.
  • Freedom of Choice in Healthcare Act. Judson authored the model legislation that passed in about 29 states to protect the rights of healthcare providers and Georgians to choose the healthcare best for their family without being punished by the government. The legislation was the foundation for the lawsuit fighting Obamacare that eventually went to the US Supreme
  • Purchase Insurance Across State Lines. Judson passed first in the nation legislation to allow you to buy health insurance policies from out-of-state insurers. By passing this law, Georgians were offered more affordable choices for their healthcare at lower rates due to more competition.
  • Veterans. Our veterans deserve our best care. America has a moral obligation to ensure that those who serve to protect our freedoms now receive the medical attention they deserve. We must keep our promise to support them, and to provide more efficient access to world class healthcare for life. We can start by fixing the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Wellness Incentives. Judson authored legislation allowing health insurance companies to lower your insurance premiums and include wellness incentives for Georgians who follow good healthcare practices. Now by giving Georgians refunds on their health insurance premiums for choosing healthy behaviors, insurance costs can be cut, making it more affordable for both patients and healthcare providers.
  • Medical Identify Theft. Average victims of financial identity theft are exposed to almost $2,000 in losses, the loss increases dramatically to near $50,000 with medical identity theft. To protect Georgians, Judson successfully passed a much-needed change that ensures people stealing our personal medical records are prosecuted and punished.
  • Healthcare Compact. Knowing that Georgians are better than Washington bureaucrats at making our own healthcare decisions, Judson successfully led the fight to have Georgia join other states in a Healthcare Compact where we, as states, would be free to choose the health delivery system that would be the best fit for us and not one size fits all government run Obamacare.
  • Small business and Association Healthcare. Supported by small business organizations across Georgia, including NFIB, Judson authored legislation that required insurers to issue policies to small businesses and associations to provide group health insurance to their
  • Medicaid. Judson authored legislation to guarantee that no state agency whose funding is determined by the Georgia General Assembly would be allowed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars or adopt Obamacare without prior clearance by the General Assembly. He also wrote the legislation stating that only the state legislature could expand Medicaid in Georgia.


Our nation’s immigration system and border security are broken. Safeguarding our national security is dependent on securing our southern border with Mexico, enforcing existing immigration laws and reforming our immigration procedures. In Washington, Judson Hill will work with the White House to prioritize protecting our borders and build a wall, and strengthening and enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.

Oppose Amnesty. As our Congressman, Judson Hill will oppose any legislation that grants amnesty to those who have broken our nation’s laws.

Sponsored nation’s toughest Immigration Law. Judson was a proud 2011 sponsor of one of the toughest immigration reform bills in the country. He has worked closely with Sheriff Neil Warren on immigration matters to advance the best law enforcement measures.

Equip law enforcement and enforce the law. Judson believes the federal government must better equip our US Department of Homeland Security officials with the training and resources to identify, track and process those attempting to enter our country legally and illegally. We must begin to enforce all immigration laws, and modernize our visa entry system so legal aliens do not stay too long without permission.

Georgia Values

Judson has made strong family values, individual liberties and limited government the foundation of his public service. His support for the unborn has been unwavering; he is a proud defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. Protecting our 1st Amendment freedoms while reigning in the intrusive federal government bureaucracy is a high priority for Judson in Congress.

  • Life is Sacred. Judson Hill believes that life is scared and it begins at conception. An unborn child’s right to live is no less valuable than any adult, and must be protected. That is why he supported every pro-life bill during his tenure in the Georgia Senate, and authored legislation prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortions. Judson has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life and the endorsement of Georgia Right to Life and the Family Research Council.
  •  Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortions. Judson sponsored a comprehensive pro-life bill that is now law preventing taxpayer dollars being spent on abortions under any health insurance plans under Obamacare or for state employees under the State Health Benefit Plan.
  •  2nd Amendment Rights must be Protected. Judson has an “A+” rating from the NRA for his legislative work, and has consistently stood up to those who intend to encroach on the 2nd
  •  Pro-2nd Amendment Legislation. In 2014, Judson supported the most comprehensive pro-gun bill in Georgia history reforming multiple laws for law-abiding gun owners. These changes allowed permitted gun owners to protect themselves and others in numerous areas throughout the state, and granted further protections to defend themselves.
  •  Protecting Georgia families. Judson championed measures protecting Georgians from unfair government eminent domain powers, authored one of the nation’s toughest sexual predator laws, and voted to strengthen ethics laws, diminish the influence of lobbyists at the State Capitol and increase transparency in state government.
  • Supporting Georgia families. Rather than government punishing the family structure, we should promote and support families that defend traditional American values making up the core of America’s greatness. Judson wants to create a $2,500 per child tax credit, support care-givers of ailing loved ones, and fix the marriage tax penalty allowing parents to keep more of their money.
  • Modernize our Education System. We must equip Georgians with the skills they need to succeed. We should empower states and local communities to educate their students free from Washington’s mandates. We should consider all measures that empower parents with the flexibility to choose how best to educate their children.
  • Military and First Responder First. Judson will always put our military first and pledges to fight everyday for America to keep its promise to our veterans when they come home. Reforming the broken Veterans Administration will be a top priority.

Proven Record

Judson is the only candidate in the race with proven experience turning conservative ideas into conservative law. Judson knows how to get things done. He will take that experience to Washington to continue to fight on our behalf and stand up to the special interests and protect our conservative values. The challenges our nation faces are serious. Georgia needs a proven conservative fighter with the experience to get to work in Congress the first day.

  • Legislator of the Year. Judson Hill was named “Legislator of the Year” by James Magazine as well as national “Legislator of the Year” by the American Legislative Exchange Council.
  • Endorsements. In his campaign for Congress, Judson has been endorsed by Speaker Newt Gingrich, US Senator Marco Rubio, Rear Admiral Wendi Carpenter (USN Ret.), The Family Research Council, Georgia Right To Life, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds, DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester, numerous state leaders and many other people across the district.
  • City legislation giving self-determination. Judson sponsored the legislation allowing the people of Sandy Springs the freedom to create a new city beginning the initiative for city creation and self-determination across North Fulton and DeKalb counties: Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Milton, Johns Creek, Tucker and Sandy Springs.