Judson ad vows to ‘Take the Hill!’

March 8, 2017

Judson ad vows to ‘Take the Hill!’

Judson Hill for Congress today began to air its first television ad of the campaign that highlights his conservative principles and promises voters he’ll “take the Hill.”

“My campaign is simple,” Judson says to kick off the ad. “Strong military, strong economy, conservative principles. I get things done.”

Interspersed with voters encouraging him to “Take the Hill, Hill,” Judson talks about his service as a citizen legislator: “I cut taxes, balanced the budget and helped create more than half a million jobs.”

“While everyone else wants to turn this campaign into an animal circus, Judson Hill is focused on communicating with voters about his record as a legislator who gets conservative policies enacted,” said Judson’s campaign manager Ian Caraway.¬†¬†“This rollout will get voters’ attention and continue the momentum after announcing the endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio, one of our nation’s most trusted conservative leaders and the winner of the 6th¬†District in last year’s presidential primary.”