Judson: ‘Repeal and Replace’ bill offers a starting point

March 8, 2017

Judson: ‘Repeal and Replace’ bill offers a starting point

Judson Hill said today there’s still work to be done but that the initial proposal to repeal and replace the disaster of Obamacare takes several steps in the right direction.

“I have the experience to work for a healthcare plan that lowers costs, improves access and expands choice for American families. I’m ready the minute after I get sworn in to work on improvements to the initial repeal and replace plan unveiled this week,” said Judson. “I don’t think the proposed legislation is quite where it needs to be yet — as my friend Secretary Price said ‘this is just a start.’

“We have more work to do before we find the right replacement plan, but House Republicans and the Trump Administration¬†included some desperately needed reforms into the initial legisaltion. I’m particularly pleased to see that it removes healthcare-related taxes and removes the individual and employer mandates, that it empowers families with a better Health Savings Account and helps working families afford insurance if they don’t get coverage through their employer.

“I pledge this to voters: If elected, I won’t just throw bombs from the sidelines; I will engage to find a responsible solution as soon as possible because Georgians are stuck with the unaffordable Obamacare disaster until we do. Any candidate who vows to oppose everything is, in reality, campaigning to keep Obamacare.”