Poll: Judson only Republican beating Ossoff

March 24, 2017

Poll: Judson only Republican beating Ossoff

With Democrats pouring millions of dollars into the 6th District race, a new Insider Advantage poll released today confirmed Judson Hill’s contention that he is the Republican best positioned to beat liberal Democrat Jon Ossoff in a head to head matchup.

“This poll shows Nancy Pelosi’s favorite candidate for the 6th District race would enter the runoff with a lead against every other Republican candidate in this race,” Judson said. “The stakes in this race – the entire nation is watching – are too high to risk putting the wrong Republican into the runoff. For undecided voters who want to see lower taxes, a stronger defense, a repeal and replace of Obamacare and tough immigration enforcement, our campaign offers the best hope for helping the president enact the reforms we so desperately need.

The poll shows Judson leading Ossoff 45 to 44, but Ossoff beating Karen Handel, Bob Gray and Dan Moody.

“Voters know that I’m a trusted conservative who has led on the most pressing issues facing our nation,” Judson said. “I have not hopscotched from one race to another like a career politician, and I’m not pretending to be something I’m not because it’s politically expedient. That sets me apart in this race and voters in this district are taking notice.”